Operation Tam complaint review

Operation Tam complaint review

Date Published: 
December 2008

This Report outlines the review of the investigation carried out by Detective Inspector Ross Pinkham, into the complaint lodged by Mr C Watson regarding an affidavit sworn by Deputy Commissioner R Pope in 1998.

This complaint arises from Operation TAM, the investigation relating to the disappearance and murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope on or about 1 January 1998. Deputy Commissioner Pope was the officer-in-charge of Operation TAM and at the time held the rank of Detective Inspector.

Mr Watson originally complained to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) on 6 November 2003. The PCA declined jurisdiction and suggested to Mr Watson that he refer his complaint to Police.

On 20 April 2004 Mr Watson hand delivered his letter of complaint to the Blenheim Police. The complaint was referred to the Office of the Commissioner.