Performance Improvement Framework - Follow-up Review

Performance Improvement Framework - Follow-up Review

Date Published: 
February 2014

The Follow-up Review considered whether Police’s direction remains appropriate and whether it is on track to fulfill its Four-year Excellence Horizon. The overall conclusion is that the Four-year Excellence Horizon remains largely valid and the direction remains appropriate.

The one area that warrants updating relates to risk. Few agencies would be exposed to such a high level of inherent risk as Police. With careful attention and focus from Police and its partners and stakeholders, it should be possible for Police to manage and mitigate these risks to achieve its Four-year Excellence Horizon.

Context of Follow-up Review

The key challenge from the 2012 New Zealand Police PIF Review was the need to systematically manage the rollout of Policing Excellence and Prevention First through a comprehensive implementation plan to:

  • embed strong financial and performance management systems throughout Police
  • lift productivity across the board to free up taxpayer resources for reallocation to more preventative activities
  • align Police culture, values and behaviours with the Police strategy
  • strengthen people management
  • implement knowledge management systems
  • strengthen Police strategic partnerships
  • achieve savings to enable Police to live within baseline
  • implement supporting information technology (IT) systems, eg, the mobility project and the victim identification register, to enable the availability of further resources for improved preventive activities.

Since the last review, there have been changes in Ministerial responsibility, although Government Priorities are broadly unchanged.