Police vetting forms

Police vetting forms

Date Published: 
May 2022

Request and Consent form

Vetting can only be carried out with the signed consent of the person being vetted. The consent is provided when completing the Vetting Request and Consent form for Approved Agency. Check out the process on how to correctly complete the form on the Police vetting forms web page.

Section 14 form

Vetting requests where the subjects are applying for a role outside New Zealand. Under section 14(b)(ii) of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004, the subject's full criminal history will be disclosed.

Please do not ask your applicants to fill more than one form. It is an either/or decision depending on the role the person will be acting in.

Please note: NZ Police only provide vetting for New Zealand organisations and for visa purposes.

Cost Recovery documents

The cost recovery documents listed below explain how your agency can provide its billing information via the secure vetting website.