Request for personal information form

Request for personal information form

Date Published: 
October 2015


  • If you are seeking access to your criminal record, please make your request to the Criminal Records Unit, Ministry of Justice, PO Box 2750, Wellington.
  • If you require information related to criminal proceedings that are completed, where the information was provided to the Court or generated by the Court, please make your request directly to the Registrar of the relevant Court. The request can be processed by Police but the information held by Police may be inaccurate or withheld for reasons such as protecting privacy or maintenance of the law. If information is required for criminal proceedings that are not completed, please do not use this form - contact your lawyer about the Criminal Disclosure Act 2008 process.
  • If you require information about your driver licence, including how many demerit points you have, please contact the New Zealand Transport Agency - or 0800 822 422.

Police has prepared a form to assist you to make a request, on paper or online, for personal information (i.e. information about yourself, or about a matter involving you) and to enable Police to process it. The use of this form is optional but Police requires personal details for the following reasons:

  • Police needs to be satisfied as to your identity.
  • Police may need to contact you in case they need clarification of your request - e.g. postal, email or phone contact details.
  • Police needs to deliver Police's response to your request - e.g. postal or email address.

You may deliver your completed request by hand or post or email (if known) to your nearest Police station or District Headquarters, or Police National Headquarters, or complete the form online (

Evidence of identity

To make a request for personal information to Police, you will usually need to provide two forms of evidence of identity (one must be photographic) for sighting and photographic comparison - either in person by Police, or endorsed with a statement by a trusted referee*.

The trusted referee's written statement should indicate that he or she has sighted and signed the two identity documents and compared the photographic image with you and confirms they appear to be the same person. The trusted referee must provide name and contact details.

*A trusted referee must be over 16, not your partner or spouse or related to you or your extended family, and not live at your address. It is preferable for the trusted referee to have known you for at least 12 months or be a person of standing in the community (e.g. registered professional, religious or community leader).

In-person request

If Police is satisfied they know who you are when you make your request in person, then you may not need to provide evidence of identity.

If you're not already known to Police, please bring your evidence of identity for sighting and photographic comparison by Police.

Postal request

For postal or email requests, please attach your evidence of identity endorsed by a trusted referee (with their contact details).