Review of Police Administration and Management Structures - 1998

Review of Police Administration and Management Structures - 1998

Date Published: 
July 1998

The New Zealand Police is a very significant contributor to the Government’s objective of improving public safety. As such, the Government is vitally concerned that the New Zealand Police has management and administrative structures that support, rather than inhibit, the delivery of quality policing services.

The full review

This review looks at the current management and administrative structure and proposes a new organisational structure and different processes for key areas within Police. Key areas of focus include property and contract management, the outsourcing of specific services, and the establishment of an Office of the Commissioner with 10-12 District Managers and centralised Service Centres. The changes proposed are designed to make the New Zealand Police more efficient, and more accountable for the delivery of quality Policing services in support of the Government’s public safety objectives.

Report on Police submissions

The report on Police submissions summarises the views and ideas expressed to the Review Team in written submissions by members of, and groups within, the New Zealand Police in response to the Review of Police Administration and Management Structures draft document. Please note that this document is a summary of all submissions made, and any quotes used have been identified by submission number due to anonymity of the people making submissions.

Commissioner of Police submission

The submission made by Commissioner of Police is made in response to the Preliminary Draft Report on the Review of Police Administration and Management Structures. In formulating this response, the Commissioner has taken into account the views of staff and his overall responsibilities as Commissioner for the effective and efficient delivery of policing services and overall management of Police. In the course of completing his submission, the Commissioner has also raised a number of recommendations himself, which mirrors some of the reviews recommendations, while also including suggestions on how to better improve them. The submission reiterates that the Commissioner is committed to achieving the objectives of the Review but is conscious that further work and analysis is required before the exact parameters of review recommendations (staff and savings) can be established and implementation can begin.

Commissioner of Police final report

Then Commissioner of Police Peter Doone, released this report after significant consideration over the Review of Police Administration and Management Structures completed by an independent panel in August 1998.  The report outlines recommendations from the Commissioner Doone in relation to the outcomes of the above review, and aims to structure the Police organisation in a more efficient and cost effective way.