Road Policing Action Plan 2018 – 2021: “Policing our Roads”

Road Policing Action Plan 2018 – 2021: “Policing our Roads”

Date Published: 
March 2019

New Zealand Police’s purpose is to ensure every person who lives, works, or transits through New Zealand is safe and feels safe – on the roads and in our communities. Road policing is an integral part of Police’s business, contributing to reducing crime and social harm, and building public trust and confidence.

Our Business target of a 5 percent reduction in road deaths each and every year will be enabled through our Road Policing Action Plan: ”Policing our Roads”.

The plan sets out our vision and objectives, and how we are going to achieve them through deployment to risk – with up-to-date information and new tools – using enforcement, alternative resolutions, and prevention activities.

We will maintain our focus on the four behaviours we know cause the most harm to people on our roads; people driving without restraints, driving impaired (by alcohol, drugs, and fatigue), driving distracted, and speeding.

Working alongside our road safety partners at all levels, we will reduce death and serious injury on our roads.