Tactical Options and Environment and Response Research Reports

Tactical Options and Environment and Response Research Reports

Date Published: 
June 2023

The role of New Zealand Police’s Capability, Insights and Performance team (CIP) is research, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of Police use of force and environmental risk. This is to provide accountability and assist evidence-based decision making, to improve police and public safety.

CIP produces regular research reports, including a series of annual Tactical Options Research Reports monitoring tactical options deployment i.e., handcuffs, empty hand tactics (physical force), OC spray (pepper spray), baton, TASER, dogs, and firearms.

From 2021, the previous Tactical Options Research Report has been expanded into the Environment and Response Report. This report includes information on the operational environment in which Police are working, including the threats frontline staff face when interacting with the public as well as detailing how Police have used tactical options in the course of their duties.

These reports position New Zealand Police at the forefront of international best practice in accountability and transparency for the use of force.