Tactical Response Model: Evaluation Report shows positive impact

Tactical Response Model: Evaluation Report shows positive impact

Date Published: 
November 2022

An evaluation of a new approach to Police frontline safety - the Police Tactical Response Model (TRM) shows the trial phase recorded fewer assaults and injuries to frontline staff, and fewer incidents requiring use of force.

The Tactical Response Model is a key component of the larger Frontline Safety Improvement Programme. The TRM is a complete safety system created with, and for, frontline Police and the communities they serve.

Running in trial format in four districts — Northland, Counties-Manukau, Waikato and Central — since November 2021, TRM provides enhanced tactical training, improved frontline access to specialist capability, and a risk-based deployment and intelligence framework.

Between 1 January and 30 June this year, the Evidence-Based Policing Centre evaluated the model, focussing on how it was implemented within districts and whether it improved the safety and wellbeing of Police staff and the public.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster commented on the release of the report.

“Indications are that the model is working,” Police Commissioner Andrew Coster says.

“There were fewer assaults against, and injuries to, frontline staff, and fewer incidents requiring the use of force.

“Staff surveys, conducted as part of the evaluation, indicate the TRM helps our people be and feel safer. A reduction in the number of firearm-related offences also suggests increased community safety.

“At the time the model was introduced, our priority was to uplift the level of training for all our frontline staff, and we have seen some really good results in this area. The feedback from our people on the new scenario-based training has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We police with the consent of the public — a responsibility and privilege we take very seriously. Engagement with our communities is vital for making informed decisions that are understood and supported.

 “While TRM ensures policing looks the same to the general public, those inflicting the most harm on our communities will certainly feel the difference.

“The findings of this report will be used to support our engagement about TRM with our communities and Government.”