Trial or adoption of new policing technology - Police Manual chapter

Trial or adoption of new policing technology - Police Manual chapter

Date Published: 
July 2022

In September 2020 NZ Police released a specific policy around the use of emergent technology.

The policy provides guidance for staff who are given opportunities to use or test new technology, and outlines the steps required to be taken before new technology can be trialled or introduced.

It also applies in situations where extra functionality is being added to an existing technology.

The policy successfully introduced a new two-stage governance and oversight process. In 2021, further work was completed to enable the embedding of good practice which required clarification of intended scope, clear processes, and a transparent and principled basis for future decision-making.

The policy was revised and a New Technology Framework was developed to ensure that NZ Police can demonstrate approvals follow a fair and transparent balancing of policing requirements and public safety, against privacy and other impacts.

Advice was sought from the Expert Panel Emergent Technology which was incorporated into the policy and framework. Their advice and NZ Police response is below.

Alongside the introduction of the emergent technology policy, NZ Police has signed up to the Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Launched in July 2020, the Charter outlines standards for the use of algorithms by public agencies.