Request a Traffic Crash Report when you were involved in the crash (Privacy Act)

The Privacy Act enables you to request information held by New Zealand Police about yourself including Traffic crashes you were involved in. You do not have to be a citizen or permanent resident, or be in New Zealand to request it.

If you want to request information about someone else, you should request this under the Official Information Act.

Evidence of identity

If the request is being made by the person concerned

Before you receive any of your personal information, we must be satisfied that we know who you are so that we don’t risk giving information to the wrong person. You will usually need to provide two forms of evidence of identity (ID) (one must be photographic) for sighting and photographic comparison. If you are requesting the Traffic Crash Report (TCR) as an agent of the person involved, and are not an insurance company, you will need to provide evidence of an authority to act.  

Online, email, or postal request
You must provide two forms of ID (at least one must be photographic). For online and email requests we will accept scanned copies or photographs of your ID, and for postal requests we will accept copies or photographs of your ID. 

For online, email, or postal requests you must also provide an identity referee’s written statement* or a clear photograph of you holding your photographic ID. You will find an Identity Referee's Statement template here (PDF 521KB) if you wish to use it.


* The identity referee's written statement should indicate that he or she has sighted and signed the two forms of ID, compared the photographic image with you, and confirms they appear to be the same person. The identity referee must provide name and contact details.

An identity referee must be over 16, not your partner or spouse or related to you or your extended family, and not live at your address. It is preferable for the identity referee to have known you for at least 12 months or be a person of standing in the community (e.g. registered professional, religious or community leader).

In-person request
If the Police employee you make your request to is satisfied they know who you are, you may not need to provide ID. Bring ID with you anyway, in case it’s required.

Accepted forms of evidence of identity
Accepted forms of photographic ID include a passport, drivers licence, student identification, Hospitality NZ 18+ card, or firearms licence.

Your second form of ID must verify your name, for example a birth certificate, Community Services Card, SuperGold card, a bank/credit card statement, or utility bill (or a second form of photographic ID as above).


If the request is being made by a representative / organisation

You need to indicate your name and the name of the organisation you represent.

You also need to upload your evidence of authorisation from the individual concerned.


Make a request

Your request should be as clear and specific as you can possibly make it. Telling us the location and time of the accident, the Police file number, and the reason for your request will help us understand what you want, and limiting the scope will help us process it more quickly.

You can make a request online, by email, or by post. You must include the following documents with your request:

If this request is being made by the person concerned:

  • Copies of two forms of ID and
  • An identity referee's written statement or a clear photograph of you holding your photographic ID

If the request is being made by a representative / organisation:

  • A scan or clear photograph of your evidence of authorisation from the individual concerned.

You can complete and submit your request online.