What services are available to victims of crime?

What services are available to victims of crime?

Information about what services are available for crime victims can be found on the Victims Information website.

Victim Support provides a free and confidential, nationwide support service for people affected by crime and trauma. Support Workers provide someone to talk with after a traumatic event, as well as practical information and support to answer your questions, connect with other services, or participate in the justice process. Visit Victim Support’s website or call 0800 842 846 to find out more about the support available for you.

Where a Police prosecution occurs the court victim advisers (employed by the Courts) offer free, confidential and professional services to victims of crime

The role of court victim advisers is to:

  • provide information to victims about the case that relates to them
  • advise victims about their rights in the court process
  • help victims participate in the court system.

A court victim adviser will contact you after the defendant’s first appearance in court. Or you can contact an Adviser through your local court.