Monday, 15 September 2003 - 11:04am |
National News

Unwarranted political attack on police

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The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Steve Long, has defended a senior Wellington Police officer against political attack by an Opposition MP.

Mr Long said that the attack by Hon Murray McCully , MP on the Wellington Area Controller, Inspector Marty Grenfell, was a slur on a highly respected and professional officer.

&#34While Mr McCully is reported to have stopped short of levelling serious accusations against Mr Grenfell the inneuendo is in itself denigrating of the Police Officer.

&#34Inspector Grenfell’s previous secondment as the Police Liaison Officer in the Minister of Police’s Office has absolutely nothing to do with his present responsiblities as Area Controller.

&#34Police operational independence is paramount in our democracy. The job is hard enough without personal slurs being cast on the professionalism of individual officers.&#34

Deputy Commissioner Long said Police were fortunate to have senior officers of the calibre of Inspector Grenfell.

&#34Marty’s public silence in the face of this attack should not be misinterpreted. It is merely a further sign of his true professionalism,&#34 said Mr Long.