Sunday, 21 September 2003 - 4:49pm |
National News

Speculative reports unhelpful

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Speculative reports about how six year old Coral Burrows died are unhelpful to the police investigation, says Detective Inspector Rod Drew, head of Operation Reef.

&#34The post mortem started earlier today at Wellington Hospital,&#34 Mr Drew says. &#34We won’t know how Coral died until the autopsy is completed. Until then speculative reports are both unhelpful to the police inquiry and distressing for Coral’s family.&#34

Mr Drew says police have finished their examination of the remote spot at Lake Onoke (Ferry) where Coral’s body was found on Friday. Officers have also examined a layby on the Western Lake Road for any evidence that might indicate Coral had been there. While some items have been taken for analysis their relevance, if any, is not immediately known.

It’s possible further sites will be examined as information gathered during the investigation is assessed and followed up. Officers hope to complete their examination of Coral’s home within the next two days.

&#34We still have a lot of investigative work to do, including following up a good deal of information which has come in from the public during the last 12 days. A sizeable inquiry team will continue here in Featherston for at least this coming week.&#34