Monday, 29 September 2003 - 6:27pm |

Female police attacked at gang headquarters

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A female police officer was indecently assaulted while her fellow female officer was punched around the head at a Te Awamutu gang headquarters on Saturday night.

A 31-year-old Te Awamutu man has been charged with indecently assaulting the policewoman and resisting arrest after the incident at the Outcast gang headquarters on Saturday night.

The unemployed man is due to appear in the Hamilton District Court tomorrow. He was arrested today when police searched the gang headquarters in Alexandra St.

Police were called to the property at 11.45pm on Saturday after complaints from nearby residents about a party there. Police arrived to find about 40 broken bottles strewn all over the road.

One female police officer was allegedly indecently assaulted when she and another female officer went onto the gang property. During a struggle with several men, the other officer was punched around the head several times. Her attacker is yet to be found.

Western Waikato police area controller Inspector Graham Matthews said police were becoming increasingly concerned about the behaviour of gang members in the town. Residents often felt intimidated and scared, he said.

&#34We want these people to know that we will not sit back and let this sort of thing happen. People in this town are sick and tired of the intimidation and the threatening behaviour that these people rely on to survive.

&#34Our message is clear -- if you are going to break the law and cause mayhem, you can expect to get arrested.&#34

Mr Matthews said it was especially disturbing that two police officers had been targetted in a totally unprovoked attack. Both received minor injuries and are back at work.

Today’s search of the gang headquarters involved up to 30 staff, including the Waikato armed offender squad which was put on standby but was not needed.

Mr Matthews said police would be closely watching the gang’s activities in Te Awamutu and would not hesitate to respond if necessary.