Tuesday, 21 October 2003 - 4:39pm |

Big weekend for Wellington Police District

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Additional police are being brought into Wellington this weekend to help local staff with major operations including the State visit of the President of China, and the NPC rugby final at Westpac Stadium.

Inspector Marty Grenfell, Wellington Area Controller, says it’s a big weekend for Wellington but he’s confident police will cope with the extra demands as well as day to day policing in the district.

One of the busiest days will be Saturday with the arrival of President Hu of China, as well as a GE protest in the city, Wellington playing Auckland in the NPC rugby final at Westpac Stadium and a weekend punk music festival running in Newtown.

There’s also Labour Weekend road policing, which this time will see police motorcyclists joining Highway Patrol and strategic traffic units on State Highways One and Two to help with the expected congestion, particularly on Friday night and Monday afternoon.

&#34We’ve changed our rosters and, with the assistance of Central and Tasman Districts, will have staff available to meet the extra demands, including the normal frontline and investigative requirements elsewhere in the District,&#34 Mr Grenfell says.

&#34Staff are fully committed to ensuring the operations go without a hitch,&#34 he says. &#34We will be busy but the public can do their bit to help by acting responsibly at the Stadium, moderating their alcohol intake after the game, driving safely on our roads, and recognising the rights of others at protests.&#34