Thursday, 23 October 2003 - 10:39pm |
National News

Mt Cook climbers alive and safe

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Climbers located alive and well

The two climbers who have been trapped on the Rudolph Glacier for two days have been located. They are both understood to be alive and well. Stephen ROBERTS and Yvonne COOK are described as being cold, stable but comfortable. Their families have been notified

There is a medic in the rescue group. All will be spending tonight on the glacier says Constable Brett SIMON.

Earlier this evening the helicopter managed to land a party of six rescuers at the base of the Rudolph Glacier but had to return to base due to lack of light and increasing winds.

It is understood that the rescuers then found that they had a 90m climb to where the party was believed to be.

Another four rescuers have been established at another camp further down the valley.