Friday, 24 October 2003 - 9:37am |
National News

Climbers still stuck on Mt Cook

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The two climbers at the centre of the rescue on the Rudolph Glacier are safe and comfortable waiting on the glacier for the weather to lift so they can be brought out by helicopter.

Constable Brent Swanson of Twizel says that Yvonne Cook’s condition was hypothermic and exhausted when the team reached her last night.

&#34She was slowly warmed and is now stable but still unwell. Stephen was just cold.&#34

&#34The weather has `socked in’,&#34 he says. &#34We are in a `holding pattern&#39 but we do hope to at least fly the two patients out today to Mt Cook. Yvonne is in no condition to walk out.&#34

There is still the base camp with 4 rescuers at the foot of the glacier and the six rescuers with the two climbers up on the glacier. The rescue team took about an hour to climb up the glacier to the climbers last night.