Thursday, 30 October 2003 - 5:30pm |

Frontline police applaud council decision

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Frontline police officers in Wellington City are applauding the Council’s decision this morning to introduce a public place liquor ban in the city on Friday and Saturday nights.

Inspector Marty Grenfell, Wellington Area Controller, says that he is confident the liquor ban &#34will have a positive impact on safety in the city and help control alcohol fueled violence and disorder on the streets.

&#34The by-law should be viewed as another initiative contributing to the wellbeing, vibrancy and safety of the inner city environment.&#34

He says the partnership approach to public safety and crime reduction already well established in Wellington between Police and Council takes another step forward with this decision.

Police will continue to work closely with Council during the implementation of the new by-law and monitor the impact it has on the city.