Wednesday, 17 December 2003 - 3:47pm |

Christmas cheer

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Police will be out in force this week leading up to Christmas as many businesses close down, says Traffic Senior Sergeant, Rick JURY.

The TAG (Traffic Alcohol Group) team and traffic staff will be out in force over the next few days. Staff will be working late at night and early mornings to correspond with businesses functions and celebrations.

"Over the last few weekends there has been increased enforcement and a lot of offences have been detected," he says. "People seem to be celebrating Christmas early this year."

Snr Sgt Jury says that before people go out they should be more aware and think about where they are going.

"Work out how you’ll get home before you go out," he advises. "The brain tends to disengage once you’re at an event."

Returns over the last few weekends show many drivers are being responsible, Breath testing shows they are consuming more but many are limiting the amount they drink.

"Unfortunately many do cross the line and drive after consuming large quantities of alcohol and disregard the drink drive message."

"Don’t abuse the privilege of driving."