Friday, 19 December 2003 - 11:49am |
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West Auckland Police search for home invasion gunman

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Henderson Police are searching for Allen Heremaia Waata Rockell, after a home invasion on the evening of December 7th 2003

Rockell, also known as Waata, faces a charge of aggravated burglary along with a female accomplice, after allegedly holding a couple at gunpoint. The woman appeared in the Henderson District Court this week, while an arrest warrant has been issued for Rockell.

Police allege the pair went to a West Auckland address, and asked to use the phone. They returned later and police say Rockell pointed a single barrel sawn off shotgun at the male occupant and told him they were to go inside to look for a man who owed him a debt of $47,000,

For about ten minutes the occupants were held at gunpoint and thought they were about to be shot. Rockell also drew a small flick knife while his alleged accomplice wandered round the house. The pair then seemed to realise they had the wrong address and left.

Detective Roger Small says Rockell is believed to be armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

Detective Small says "Rockell has distinctive bulldog tattoos on his forehead and each side of his neck with the word ‘rogue’ written across the front of his neck between the bulldogs.

Rockell is believed to be in the Auckland area with a slim blonde 19-year-old female.

Detective Small, says people knowing of his whereabouts should contact the Henderson Police, 839-0600.

Police say Rockell is using make-up to cover his tattoos.

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