Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 4:15pm |
National News

North Shore Police target speed for public safety

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North Shore Police have started a month long campaign, targeting excessive speed in 50 km/hr areas.

Area Commander, Inspector Mike Hill says, "Excessive speed is leading to more crashes on the North Shore, so tickets will be issued without hesitation in an effort to make the city’s roads safe for all users."

"In the past week two motorists have been stopped doing speeds of 150 km/hr and 106 km/hr respectively. Those speeds in a 50 km/hr residential area are just reckless and have no regard for the safety of other motorists, residents and pedestrians," says Inspector Hill.

Both drivers had their licences suspended for 28 days immediately and face court proceedings.

Police are also targeting motorists that travel above the speed limit in the sixties. In the past two weeks 155 tickets have been issued to drivers travelling above 60 km/hr in residential areas, some of those in the vicinity of schools.

Inspector Hill says, "The campaign will last for at least a month and combines with efforts to lower speeds round schools, pedestrian crossings and intersections." Drivers need to be mindful when leaving higher speed areas such as the motorway to lower their speed. Those limits such as 50km/hr are in place due to the increased presence of pedestrians, motorists and intersections. In the interest of public safety police will ensure motorists abide by those speed limits," says Inspector Hill.

"International research shows the impact of crashes increases with speed, so for public safety it is essential police concentrate on reducing speed in residential areas to the speed limit," says Inspector Hill.

Issued by
Jayson Rhodes
Police Communications Manager
North Shore/Waitakere/Rodney Police District
Ph 4889 758 or 027 281 0271