Tuesday, 23 March 2004 - 5:00pm |
National News

Counter terrorism exercise continues

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Exercise Lawman 2004, an operation whose primary objective is to test New Zealand’s ability to deal with terrorist attacks continues today in Christchurch.

The exercise began last night and has already involved a number of agencies including Police in a range of activities of interest.

Today’s activity has continued around mock scenarios involving release of gas at the airport and detonation of an explosive gas device at a suburban swimming pool.

In Wellington the officials have met in the National Emergency Management Centre in the Beehive Basement to assess the situation.

Presently, full management of the various on the ground issues in the exercise, remain under the co-ordination and command of Police as the lead agency.

Assistant Commissioner Gavin McFadyen says it’s essential all these agencies are tested and that they have the opportunity to practice.

Obviously we hope terrorists never hit New Zealand, but events around the world make terrorism a constant and universal threat he said.

The exercise continues until late Thursday.