Friday, 26 March 2004 - 5:01pm |
National News

Nicholas case Police investigation will continue

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The Police investigation into the sexual allegations made by Louise Nicholas will continue said Police Commissioner Rob Robinson.

"Police have received a very serious complaint and is the only agency in the country with the statutory powers to conduct such an investigation.

"The allegations involve matters that are not time bound in terms of Police being able to bring prosecutions should the investigation determine that criminal offending is involved.

"The Commission of Inquiry does not have the powers to investigate and determine any criminality in the allegations. In that sense the criminal process must occur independent of the Commission of Inquiry. Fundamental rights under the criminal process such as the absolute right of any individual to be innocent until proven guilty by a court must be maintained.

"In fairness to the complainant and to those named in the complaint, the investigation will proceed to a conclusion. Police will then determine how to proceed after taking advice from the Solicitor-General.

"Given the number of individuals involved and the historical nature of the allegations the inquiry may take several more months. No accurate estimate can be put on its time of completion as the Police are committed to ensuring that all matters associated with these complaints are fully investigated," said Commissioner Robinson.