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Further product recall

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Two more health care products withdrawn

Clearasil Deep Pore Cleansing Toner - one batch only (in recall letter)

Blis K12 Throat Guard - several batches

Two more health care products will be withdrawn today after confirmation that they were contaminated says Detective Inspector Peter READ, Canterbury District Police.

"We have advised the Ministry of Health that the two products named above should be withdrawn due to the potential of contamination," he says. "These two products will now be treated as part of the original inquiry. We believe the contamination occurred at or around the same time as the original tampering."

All liquid products held at the Christchurch distribution centre which do not have tamper proof tops, were held back in secure storage last week in `quarantine’ in the warehouse.

There have been 250 returns so far with 36 items confirmed as having been contaminated.

Detective Inspector READ says that the Christchurch distribution centre is the focus of the inquiry.

"We’re getting complaints from all over New Zealand but the only ones confirmed by ESR relate to the Christchurch distribution centre. Those 36 confirmed products have been sold in the South Island," he says. "We have interviewed all staff and inquiries are continuing."

At this stage no one has been seriously injured but some have suffered irritation and discomfort.

Recall notices will shortly be placed in newspapers advising consumers of the recall and to return affect product to the point of purchase. The recalls only apply to products obtained from pharmacies in certain parts of the country.

Anyone who has been adversely affected by one of these products should consult a medical practitioner immediately for advice. Doctors and pharmacists should refer if necessary to the National Poisons centre for further information, on 0800 764 766. Anyone who believes they have purchased a contaminated product should also contact the Christchurch police.

Police are working closely with Community and Public Health. The original inquiry began in mid April after several reports from the public that they had received minor injuries after using Narium Natural Mist and Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash.

These products were withdrawn after ESR confirmed that some had been tampered with and contamination occurred.

DI Peter Read will be available to talk with media between 2.30- 4.30pm today. Please phone him on 03 363 7400.

Samples of the two new contaminated items are available at Christchurch Central for photography.

Detective Inspector Peter READ, 03 363 7400

Dr Alistair Humphrey, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, CDHB, 3799480

Dr Stewart Jessamine, Medsafe, Ministry of Health, Wellington

Issued by Canterbury District Police

Maggie LEASK, Communications Manager, 03 363 7815, 027 4 363 701