Friday, 27 August 2004 - 1:01pm |
National News

Police acknowledge Commission of Inquiry Adjournment

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The decision to adjourn proceedings of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct is understandable, Police Commissioner Rob Robinson said today.

Commissioner Robinson was responding to a ruling by Commissioners, Justice Bruce Robertson and Dame Margaret Bazley, which outlines an adjournment of the Commission of Inquiry until later this year.

"It is disappointing that matters can’t be addressed sooner. Nevertheless, Police remain committed to the continuance of the Commission of Inquiry so that the Inquiry’s terms of reference can be addressed as fully and as soon as possible.

"The Commission’s ruling today is understandable given the complexity of issues it must consider to ensure due process and fairness for all parties involved," he says.

"Our full cooperation with the Commission of Inquiry remains as does our focus on the parallel criminal inquiries associated with the allegations by Louise Nicholas and Judith Garrett. Exhaustive inquiries are being made into these cases and Police are working as quickly as possible to progress matters."

Commissioner Robinson says any decision on how quickly the Commission of Inquiry can progress its work is a matter for the Commission to determine.

"I have fully supported the Commission of Inquiry since it was first set up by the Government as a vehicle to address historical concerns regarding individual officers’ behaviour and associated Police investigations.

"Public confidence in their Police is imperative and the questions that have been asked need to be addressed in an open and transparent manner to reassure the public. While the process may take somewhat longer than we would all ideally like, there is no doubt that in time the issues will all be fully worked through," said Mr Robinson.