Thursday, 28 October 2004 - 3:01pm |

Police warn of fireworks dangers

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Kapiti Mana Police are warning people to be careful when lighting fireworks and to only use them for their intended purpose.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Oxnam, Porirua CIB, says officers are concerned that someone will get hurt if the practice of using sparklers to make ‘sparkler’ or pipe bombs continues.

"We had several cases last year where sparkler or pipe bombs were used to blow up rubbish tins and letter boxes," he says. "Fireworks are now on sale and it seems some of our local youth are back up to their old tricks."

Detective Senior Sergeant Oxnam warns the culprits that if caught, they could be charged with serious offences including arson, attempted arson and damage to property by fire or explosives.

"Any inquiry inflicted as a result of explosions could also result in a serious charge," he says.

"We want to see people enjoy themselves but we want them to be safe and to respect the safety and property of others," he says.