Monday, 1 November 2004 - 3:00pm |
National News

Ninety three percent of callers highly rate Communications Centre service

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A very high percentage of callers to Police Communications Centres have highly rated the service they have received according to the most recent survey conducted in May of this year.

The survey of 300 recent callers to the three Communications Centres resulted in 93% rating the service they received as "excellent", "very good" or "good", an increase of two percent from the previous year. Only 5% rated the service as "poor" or "not so good". The respondents were asked to rate the service in response to the questionnaire as excellent (5) - poor (1).

In the 2003/04 year the Police Communications Centres received 495,989 "111" calls and 943,627 non-emergency calls.

Key points of the survey:

• 93% overall positive rating of the call service.

• 93% positively rated promptness of personal answer to call (41% excellent)

• 95% positively rated helpfulness of person handling the call (45% excellent)

• 90% rated making respondent feel that call mattered.

There was a significant increase in the proportion of respondents reporting that their call service expectations are being met – 85% up from 78% in 2003.

Callers were asked what they saw as being the most important response. Ensuring a quick response was seen as the most important by 36%, the next most important being accurately recording all necessary details of the situation.

90% of callers felt "very comfortable" or "comfortable" calling Police as against 8% who felt "neither comfortable or uncomfortable", "uncomfortable" or "very uncomfortable". The small percentage who indicated discomfort attributed their response to doubts the call would be responded to quickly.

Download the full report: Communications Centres Satisfaction Survey 2003-2004