Friday, 19 November 2004 - 3:01pm |

Slow down – message to inner city motorists

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Slow down. That’s the message from Wellington Police who say too many people are driving too fast on the city’s narrow arterial streets.

Senior Sergeant Richard Hocken, Wellington Police Area road policing group, says motorists are endangering themselves and others by driving at speeds well above the posted 50kmph limit.

"People are fixated by the car in front of them. They disregard the speed limit, and are oblivious to what else is happening on the street."

One of the problem areas currently being targeted by police is busy Tinakori Road. Today, in the space of a 4.5 hour shift, one police officer issued infringement notices to 36 motorists. Seventy percent were driving 11 to 15 kmph above the speed limit. The top speed recorded on the hand held laser was 72kmph.

"Tinakori Road is a concern because it’s busy, narrow, has parking on both sides of the street, has several pedestrian crossings and is close to schools and houses.

"The 50kmph limit is there for a reason. Our advice is to slow down and watch your speed in urban areas."