16 year-old boy killed in accident at Ranui Train Station

16 year-old boy killed in accident at Ranui Train Station


To be attributed to Snr Sgt Richie Thompson, Waitakere Police

At around 6.55am this morning Police and other emergency services were called to the Ranui Train Station.

A 16 year-old local boy who had gone for a run had been hit by a train.

Police have reviewed security camera footage over the tracks. Tragically, it appears that the young man has been wearing headphones and has been unaware of the train approaching as he crossed the tracks.

The young man died at the scene. Family members who were looking for the boy after he was late arriving home saw the emergency services and learned of his death at the scene.

Police and Victim Support are doing everything they can to support them at this difficult time.

“This is the scenario that every parent fears the most and we extend our utmost sympathies to the boy’s family. It was a very emotional scene for all involved” says Snr Sgt Richie Thompson.

The boy’s name will not be released today as extended family are still being told.

His death will be referred to the Coroner.


Beth Bates/NZ Police