Thursday, 9 December 2004 - 11:01am |

A Safe Festive Season

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Reducing the impact of alcohol misuse will remain a priority for Police in the Eastern District, particularly over the Christmas– New Year Period.

"Alcohol misuse is a contributing factor in road crashes and violent offending so it makes sense to tackle the problem at its root cause" said the District Commander, Superintendent Grant Nicholls.

Drivers are asked to think carefully about the consequences of consuming alcohol and driving – they place themselves and others at considerable risk. Police say the chance of apprehension is high and increasing.

Police will be focussing on reducing the ability for drunk drivers to travel on the District’s roads by priority enforcement.

The message is clear "Just don’t do it".

The contribution alcohol misuse plays in violent offending will receive attention with patrols monitoring potential hotspots. "Our focus is on reducing the opportunity for an individual to ruin the festive season for others."

Police in the Eastern District wish their communities a safe and enjoyable festive season.