Friday, 17 December 2004 - 3:01pm |
National News

Public may hold key to Huntly death

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Police investigating the death of Huntly man Victor Wilson say local residents or travellers through the town may hold the vital clue to how he died.

Mr Wilson died in Waikato Hospital on Monday night as a result of injuries he received at a Harris St house last weekend. Police say he was found semi-conscious lying in the driveway beside the house on Sunday morning. Preliminary post mortem results show he had suffered head injuries.

Mr Wilson lived at the house periodically and worked as a scaffolder in South Auckland.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Whitehead says police were hoping people in the town or travellers passing through may have seen or heard something that could help police in their investigation.

"Harris St is a busy main thoroughfare that leads to the Huntly power station. It is possible a motorist or someone walking by may have seen something going on at the Harris St property that perhaps looked out of the ordinary or was of concern. We need to talk to anyone who might have noticed anything like that," he said.

Police say that on Saturday morning, an impromptu party was held at 79B Harris St to celebrate the delivery of several Chrisco food hampers. The party was attended by a number of family and friends and continued on into the evening.

Mr Wilson stayed at the party all night. He was found early next morning and was taken by ambulance to Waikato Hospital. He never regained consciousness and died on Monday night. Police were not called to the Harris St house at any time over the weekend.

Mr Whitehead said people who lived at the house had been interviewed and police were still trying to track down everyone who visited the house from when the party started on Saturday morning, until Sunday morning when Mr Wilson was found on the driveway. Neighbours have also been spoken to.

Police would like to hear from anyone who could provide some information about the weekend's events at the Harris St house.

"Someone may remember something they saw or heard that they might consider to be minor or unimportant. But that information may be a vital clue in the investigation and could help us to resolve this death, not the least for the sake of Mr Wilson's family and his extended whanau. This includes anyone who has been told anything by a witness," Mr Whitehead said.

Anyone with information should contact Huntly police on 07 8287560.