Saturday, 1 January 2005 - 9:01am |
National News

Most drivers are getting the message

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"The majority of New Zealand drivers have taken messages around driving to the conditions and the hazards of speed, drink driving and safety belts to heart," says NZ Police National Road Policing Manager, Superintendent Steve Fitzgerald.

"Speeds are down and the traffic across the whole network is noticeably calmer," he said.
Speed camera tickets are down and in turn the road toll is the second lowest ever.

The provisional 2004 road toll stands at 435 deaths compared with 461 in 2003. 26 fewer deaths on the roads than last year in the face of increased traffic growth associated with economic growth.

Police appreciate that the vast majority of drivers now stick to the speed limit, and drive to the conditions. The vast majority do wear their safety belts, always drive sober and are courteous, considerate and safe.