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Operation Somme: offender(s) will be exhibiting symptoms of stress

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The information flow into Operation Somme is steady said Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Oxnam and with the increased staff he is confident that it is being collected, collated and prioritised.

A resident who lives near the intersection of Pitt Street and Somme Parade was woken twice after 1 a.m. to the sounds of what they describe as loud male and female voices outside his address.

″I would like anybody who was in this area to come forward. We do want to speak to you. It is important to the investigation that sightings are followed through and investigated to their logical conclusion, and if appropriate eliminated,″ said Mr Oxnam.

Mr Oxnam said he’s sure the offender or offenders for Tania’s brutal murder will be undergoing an enormous amount of stress as they come to terms with their savage act.

″They will be exhibiting symptoms of stress, which may manifest itself in an unusual interest in this enquiry.

Although a terrible crime, this person or persons may say something to someone indicating their involvement.″

″The scene examination and Tania’s injury has indicated that this is a violent assault and I am sure there would have been blood transference from Tania to her killer. Has anybody you know suddenly got rid of clothing, footwear, or jewellery, either on Friday, 7 January 2005 or shortly after.″

″If you have any information in relation to this and you wish to be treated in confidence, please contact me through the telephone number above and I give an undertaking of this confidence.″


There have been two pieces of information published which are incorrect:

1. Mr and Mrs McKENZIE did not attend Mrs MORRISS’ funeral yesterday.

2. The Police have not seized a taxi. A taxi driver’s vehicle was examined as part of the alibi process of another person of interest, and he co-operated with the Police fully. It is unhelpful to the enquiry if witnesses feel as if they have been incorrectly identified as possible suspects after co-operating fully.


Detective Senior Sergeant

O/C Operation Somme