Wednesday, 12 January 2005 - 4:00pm |
National News

Escaped prisoners, 20 km north of Kaikoura

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At about 11.40am this morning three prisoners escaped from a police van on SH1 at Mangamanu, 20 km north of Kaikoura.

They escaped via a roof hatch on a near new police prisoner van whilst stopped at a road works area.

The prisoners were heading back to Christchurch Prison on remand: Prisoners are:

Shannon FLEWELLEN; european, aged 25, medium build, 183 cm tall, (6 ft approx) - described as skin head type - two destinctive tattoos on his neck.

Mark CUNNINGHAM; aged 34 years, european, medium build, 176 cm tall, (about 5’10"), - described as skin head type.

The above two are suspected to be together

Also gone:

David PARKER; aged 26 years, european, medium build, 183 cm tall, (aprox 6 ft).

Motorists are advised not to offer anyone a lift and residents in the area are advised to secure all property and vehicles.

If anyone sees these people, anyone suspicious, or has concerns they should contact police immediately.