Monday, 17 January 2005 - 11:00am |
National News

Excellent response - seeking more information - Operation Somme

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The Operation Somme team is focussing on dealing with the excellent response to the publicity of Tania’s movements on the morning of Friday, 7 January 2005 said detective Senior Sergeant Mike Oxnam.

"It is important to ensure we gather all available information, analyse, prioritise, and realise the relevance of all information gathered and its importance to the information gathered from other sources, including the scene and Tania’s body."

Police are still very interested in the sightings of any motor vehicle parked near the intersection of Somme Parade and Pitt Street on the morning of Friday, 7 January 2005.

"I ask people not to be restricted to thinking about a white vehicle."

Police are still very interested in identify the male wearing a white shirt and dark pants, seen walking in the area.

"Because aspects of this enquiry may develop in other areas of Wanganui, I ask people to start thinking about how they can remember the morning of Friday, 7 January 2005.

We look for corroboration and an easy way of doing this is by checking eftpos bankcard receipts, and recall where you were shopping, what you purchased, and to relate that to your day’s activities," said Mr Oxnam.

Any information, please contact the hotline 0800 44 55 68.

Thank you for your assistance, it is appreciated.