Tuesday, 8 March 2005 - 8:01am |

Correspondence School inquiry over

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Wellington CIB has finished an investigation into rape allegations made against a teacher employed by the Correspondence School.

Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Perry, Wellington CIB, says one young woman has withdrawn her complaint and a second has also advised police she no longer believes a prosecution should proceed.

The allegations first came to light in January 2004 after the complainants were spoken to by a Private Investigator employed by the Correspondence School. The complaints, which alleged the offences took place in August and September 2003, were forwarded to police for investigation in February 2004.

Detective Senior Sergeant Perry says the investigation has been a complex one involving several issues. "The young women were emotionally vulnerable to exploitation by an older man.

"It has taken time to work through all the issues," Detective Senior Sergeant Perry says. "In fairness to the young women, I'm not prepared to comment on inquiry details except to say that we are no longer investigating this matter."