Tuesday, 19 April 2005 - 3:01pm |
National News

Photos of victim a few hours before death

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Enquiries with business premises in the vicinity of the scene have located a photograph of the victim Susan Sutherland in an inner city shop at 3.30am on Saturday morning, 16 April.

The photos (attached) show Susan was wearing a dark coloured skirt with a split down the back, a brown cross over top which was cropped to just above her waistline, and black leather boots.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Harvey says that items located at the scene and the assistance of the public have helped to develop a picture of what has happened at the scene. But he has stressed that the investigation needs to speak to anyone who had dealings with Susan throughout that evening and in the early hours of the morning to build a true picture of her activities.

The inquiry team is still building a picture of where Susan went and who she was with from Friday night until her body was found on Saturday morning.

Dave Harvey says he would particularly like calls from anyone who has not yet contacted the team, in particular anyone has had dealings with Susan on Manchester Street and these calls will be treated confidentially.

Anyone who wishes to talk to the investigation team can contact us on 363 7620.