Monday, 20 June 2005 - 3:01pm |
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Final phase of Police move off "Wanganui" system completed

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The final phase of Police moving off the "Wanganui" (Law Enforcement) computer system was completed yesterday.

This concludes a four-year project moving core police information technology functions from the Justice Sector Law Enforcement System (LES) to the Police National Intelligence Application.

Deputy Commissioner Lyn Provost says moving functions off the Law Enforcement System was necessary as the system used outdated technology and would not meet Police's future needs.

She says the project to migrate functions off LES has been undertaken in six phases to ensure minimum disruption and to provide police staff with an opportunity to become familiar with the new system after each phase.

"We had already shifted significant functions, such as firearms licensing and court and traffic histories, file, charge prosecutions process and infringements.

"These changes went very well so we were confident in our planning for the final phase. As it was, the process over the weekend went very smoothly and we completed the switch-over well ahead of schedule," says Mrs Provost.

"Each phase has had many months of planning and preparation including training key users in the new processes. These users have also had significant input into the set up of the new system and have provided positive feedback on the changes."

"We also provided training and published information through internal systems to ensure staff were aware of the change process and were able to manage with minimum disruption."

Mrs Provost says she expects there will be settling-in issues, as there is when any new system is introduced.

"However, given the training that has been done, the efforts of our implementation staff in the districts, and the fact that staff have had some time to become familiar with the look of the system, I am confident any user difficulties will be managed," she says.

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