Monday, 6 July 2009 - 2:03pm |
National News

Operation Burnside- civilian injured statement

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I wish to make a statement regarding the shooting incident on June 28 in Wadhurst place. After I had been shot in the chest I rang the police on my cell phone. As I was speaking to police shots continued to strike the front of my house. I shut all the doors to our house and my sixteen year old son and I lay on the floor behind an internal wall to shelter from the shots.

The police operator then told me she had an evacuation plan for us to leave via the back door. At first I was not happy to do this as I did not know if other shots would come at us. The police operator convinced me we had to leave the house. I was very scared that I would be shot again or that my son would be hit. Eventually, through her persuasion, we left our house and jumped the back fence. We waited at another address before police met us, escorted us to safety and I could then be treated for my injuries.

I never knew the man who shot me and I do not bear any ill will towards him. I want to publicly thank police for their actions on the night. I was very fearful for mine and my family's safety. They dealt with the situation very well I thought. I will not be making any further statement regarding this incident and request the media respect mine and my families privacy as we come to terms with this tragic incident.

Media persons: This statement is recorded. For info contact 03 363 7815 before 4.30pm 6/7/2009.