Saturday, 25 June 2005 - 4:01pm |

Christchurch cold but friendly

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Christchurch has a very positive atmosphere, despite the cold, says Inspector Craig McKay.

"There was an obvious sea of red with Lions' supporters everywhere - until the southerly blew in!"

"Town last night was very relaxed and positive, so much so we redeployed many of the staff on duty to undertake outstanding warrants and breach of bail," he says. "As a result, 13 people appeared in Court this morning on charges totally unrelated to the test match."

One Irishman enjoyed himself a bit too much and was unable to find his way back to his camper van, so was lodged at Christchurch Central overnight. He was not arrested.

"The weather is extremely cold tonight and everyone should take care to dress up warmly if they are going to be outside at the match or in town," Craig McKay advises.

"Get a cab or bus into town so you don't have parking hassles he advises. "If you are driving, please be patient and allow plenty of time to find a park and get to the game."

Locals and visitors who are driving into the city are advised to leave nothing of value in their vehicles and leave items at home or in the hotel or motel safe.

There will be check points and drink drive operations in town during the night

"We have a high profile police presence out there," says Inspector Craig McKay. "We have a full complement of staff on the beat and in cars and we'll be seen out there. We wish everyone an enjoyable game and visit to Christchurch."