Tuesday, 9 August 2005 - 1:01pm |

Police seek witnesses to attempted abduction

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Wellington CIB is appealing for witnesses after a man driving a white four-door car tried to abduct a 13-year-old female college student in the Melrose - Newtown area last night.

Acting Detective Sergeant Mark Lewis says the incident was particularly sinister as the man was verbally forceful in ordering the girl into his car. She refused and ran off but was pursued by the man in his car through neighbouring streets until she lost him near the National Hockey Stadium on Mt Albert Road.

"Fortunately the student was not physically harmed although naturally she was shaken by the ordeal," Detective Sergeant Lewis says. "She kept her cool and was able to elude him."

The incident happened about 5.20 to 5.25pm by Martin Luckie Park, not far from the Mt Albert Road and Lavaud Street intersection. The student had been on a training run with her sports team, part of which involved warm up exercises on Martin Luckie Park.

While the rest of the team continued their training run, the victim returned briefly to the park to retrieve team clothing. She was heading to rejoin the team when the white four-door car drove down the hill from Melrose and stopped her.

"The driver got out and told her forcefully several times to get into the car. When he made a move towards her she ran off back across Martin Luckie Park to the corner of Lavaud and Rintoul Streets.

"The driver, who was the only occupant of the vehicle, then followed her as she tried to evade him in the Herald Street, Rintoul Street and Russell Terrace area.

"She finally lost him near the hockey stadium and was able to alert some adults who contacted police."

The offender is described as tall, dark skinned, big build and possibly with facial stubble. He was wearing a bulky black hoody, and possibly dark coloured pants.

Police want to hear from people who saw the incident, or who know who the driver is.

"The victim also remembers seeing a man kicking a ball around with some younger children on Martin Luckie Park while her sports team was warming up on a neighbouring field.

"This man may also have noticed the car and we're asking him to contact Wellington CIB. It was still reasonably light at the time so we're hopeful he or other members of the public who were in the area can give us more information."

The number to call is: 381 2000.