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Police dispatched within minutes of Onehunga High School 111 calls

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10 August 03

Police dispatched within minutes of Onehunga High School 111 calls

Police were on the scene and dealing with the incident at Onehunga High School within seven minutes of receiving the five 111 calls on Monday 8 August.

Inspector Karen Wilson, Acting Centre Manager at the Northern Communications Centre says a patrol unit was dispatched within a minute of receiving the first call and was in the area within seven minutes. A second unit arrived less than a minute later.

`It is important for callers to realise that we need to gather as much information as we can - I appreciate for the caller this may seem unnecessary but it is vital for managing the incident and for potential future investigations.

`A police unit was already on the way to the scene while the caller was still on the phone and the caller was informed that police were on the way.

`It was clearly a very frightening situation for the Principal and teachers. In such circumstances time can take on a surreal quality and events seem to take a lot longer than they actually do.

`But I wish to dispel any misconceptions that the 111 calls were not treated with urgency and that there was a delay in dispatching police units.

Staff at the centre and on the street were efficient and professional in dealing with this incident.

`While all calls are very important to the caller, a single call is sufficient to ensure dispatch. However we would not want to discourage any caller from calling 111 to report a serious situation,` Inspector Wilson said.



Time Action Comment 14:02:00 EVENT CREATED: Location=4A PLEASANT ST ONEHUNGA SOUTH AUCKLAND CITY , Cross Streets=JACKSON ST /TRAFALGAR ST , Name=ONEHUNGA HIGH SCHOOL , Address=4A PLEASANT ST, ONEHUNGA,AUCKLAND , Phone Number= First Call 14:02:00 ** LOI search completed at 08/08/05 14:02:00 GANG HAS COME TO THE ONEHUNGA HIGH SCHOOL   14:02:07 AND BEATEN UP THE HEAD MASTER..   14:02:15 THE HEADMASTER IS ON THE GROUND..   14:02:28 15 BOYS ARE RUNNING UP PLEASENT ST   14:02:35 TOWARDS TRAFALGER NOW   14:02:45 3 HAVE BATONS..   14:02:56 Unit=AAD16, Status=DP, Location=4A PLEASANT ST,ONEHUNGA SOUTH,AUCKLAND CITY, Employee= First unit assigned ( Dog Unit) – 56 seconds after call entered 14:03:34 TRYING TO FIND OUT IF WE NEED AN AMUBLANCE   14:03:41 INFMT OFF THE PHONE ASKING.   14:03:46 SHE DID NOT KNOW OFFENDERS..   14:04:14 A TEACHER HAS LOST TEETH BUT HEAD IS OK...   14:04:20 OFFENDRS POLY   14:04:26 LATE 20'S,,,   14:04:49 LOTS WEARING BANDANNAS   14:04:55 NIL FURTHER DESC   14:05:14 TOO MANY AND HAPPENED SO QUCIKLY   14:05:41 CALLING AMBULANCE   14:07:10 AMBULANCE SFP SYMONDS ST AND JACKSON Ambulance waiting clear of the scene until confirmed no danger to ambulance staff 14:07:30 PLSE CALL WHERN IT IS SAVE FOR THEM TO GO IN   14:07:32 NNNN Caller hung up 14:09:20 Unit=AAD16, Status=AR, Location=4A PLEASANT ST,ONEHUNGA SOUTH,AUCKLAND CITY, Employee= Dog Unit arrives 6 mins 31 secs after dispatch 14:10:07 Unit=ONI2, Status=AR, Location=4A PLEASANT ST,ONEHUNGA SOUTH,AUCKLAND CITY, Employee= Second unit (Incident car) arrives 47 seconds later.

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