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Attempted aggravated robbery at Islington Superette

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There was an attempted aggravated robbery at Islington Superette, 310 Waterloo Rd, on Wednesday 12 Aug 2009. At 5.17pm a male wearing a Black beanie pulled down over eyes and a Black Scarf around his face, entered the shop via the open door and approached the counter.

He produced a black coloured pistol which he held in his right hand. He then demanded money from the sole shop owner who was fortunately able to press a nearby alarm button which activated the audible alarm outside of the shop.

The owner then grabbed a nearby baton and confronted the attacker, who after a few moments ran back out the front door and across the road to a waiting car.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ross Tarawhiti says that this is a serious incident involving a possible firearm that could have resulted in a loss of life.

Anyone having information regarding the identity of this male is asked to contact him.

Detective Sergeant Ross Tarawhiti, Southern CIB, Christchurch South
phone 363 2577.

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