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Crime down across the board - 7.1 percent reduction

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In the 12 months to June 2005 recorded crime dropped by 7.1 percent while the resolution rate remained relatively constant at 44.2 percent, compared with 45.1 percent in 2003/04 and 43.7 percent in 2002/03, the Commissioner of Police, Rob Robinson announced today.

The total number of offences recorded by Police for the 12 months to June 2005 year was 396,018 compared to 426,149 in the previous 12 months. This equates to 8.1% reduction per 10,000 population for the year the Commissioner said.

This continues a long term downwards trend. Since 1995/96 (which is the earliest year for which we have population estimates calculated) there has been a 24.4% drop in recorded crime rate per head of population.

This is consistent with results reported by Police from other similar countries such as Australia and the UK.


All twelve Police districts recorded decreases in total recorded crime. Wellington recorded the biggest reduction with 12.7 percent fewer recorded offences than the previous 12 month period, followed by Bay of Plenty with an 11.8 percent reduction.

Dishonesty offences (8.0% reduction)

Dishonesty offences have reduced by 8.0%, including Burglary offences reducing by 6.8%, within which dwelling burglaries reduced by 6.7%.

Car theft and unlawful taking / conversion of motor vehicles offences reduced 5.6%, theft from cars dropped 4.4%, and reported Fraud reduced 25.9%.

"Given the overall volume of these crimes such reductions mean there are fewer members of the public in the community experiencing the inconvenience and trauma associated with being the victim of such crimes," Commissioner Robinson said.

Violence offences (0.9.% increase)

Nationally, total recorded Violence remained at a similar level to the previous 12 months, with a 0.9% increase in total recorded Violence offences, which equates to a 0.1% reduction per 10,000 of population for the year.

The only Violence offence class to increase significantly was Robbery, which increased 18.3% to 2,170 offences, compared with 1,835 the previous year.

The resolution rate of Violence offences stood at 80.8% compared with 81.6% last year.

Most districts experienced little difference in overall recorded violence.

Long term trends over many years have been steady for Violence and downwards for overall recorded crime rates per head of population.

Homicide offences dropped by 20.0% from 100 in 2003/04 to 80 in 2004/05.

Homicide statistics include Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Infanticide, Abortion and Aiding Suicide. In many countries the homicide offence classification does not include types of offences such as attempted murder, aiding suicide and illegal abortions that are included in New Zealand statistics.

There were 45 recorded Murders in the 12 months to June 2005 and 46 in the previous 12 months.

Sexual offences (0.3% increase)

Recorded sexual offences have also remained at a relatively constant level of around 3000 offences. However, this category is known to be consistently under-reported to Police.

Drugs and anti-social (12.4% reduction)

Recorded drug and anti-social offences reduced by 12.4%.

Within this category, Disorder reduced 10.1% from 24,491 in 2003/04 to 22,007 in 2004/05.

Cannabis offences dropped 19.8% from 18,271 to 14,654 and other drug offences reduced 8.8% from 3,978 to 3,626. Within this, recorded offences for Methamphetamine (including 'P'), Amphetamine, Ecstasy and Fantasy type substances rose 8.1% over the same period, from 1,983 offences in 2003/04 to 2,145 offences in 2004/05.

Road Policing


451 deaths from 377 fatal crashes during FY 2004/05 represents an increase of 4 deaths (+0.9%) and a decrease of 16 fatal crashes (-4.1%) on the 2003/04 road toll.

State Highways

There was an increase in the number of state highway deaths during FY 2004/05 compared to 2003/04 (259 state highway deaths compared to 246). The total proportion of deaths on state highways has increased slightly since FY 2003/04 (57.4% compared to 55.0%).

Speed surveys

* The winter open road mean speed for 2004 was 98 kph and the winter urban road mean speed for 2004 was 53 kph. Both of these are showing 1 km reductions against the previous 3 year averages.

Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit

Overall in FY 2004/05 there were 202,851 vehicles stopped and 44.5% were weighed. There were 10.5 offences detected for every 100 vehicles stopped and RUC offences represented 38.5% of all HMV offending.

Speed Cameras

Despite similar levels of speed camera hours delivery over the last two fiscal years, there has been a 15.3% reduction in the number of speed camera infringements issued during FY 2004/05 compared to 2003/04. This reduction follows on from the introduction of 'Anytime Anywhere' speed cameras in April 04.

Full statistics available on 3 October

Today's release of statistics comprises two reports: a national level report and a report containing recorded and resolved crime by Police District and Police Area broken down to offence class level.

Full statistics will be available on the Statistics New Zealand website on 3 October.

In future, consistent with the E-Government strategy and the recent review of the Official Statistics system by Treasury, the State Services Commission and Statistics New Zealand, recorded crime statistics will be published on-line on the Statistics New Zealand internet site the first working day three months after the end of the period to which they relate.