Thursday, 25 August 2005 - 12:01pm |

Warm weather brings out burglars who target gardeners.

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Detective Sergeant Don Fisher says today that three people have been charged with burglary and appeared in court this morning after burglaries were reported across the city.

"It appears they allegedly drove around until they saw someone working in the garden, often an elderly person. One would then engage the gardener in conversation while the others would check out the property for open doors and windows, entering to take money, handbags, wallets and cell phone," he says. "One elderly woman didn't realise she had been burgled until we returned her wallet."

The advice is to lock doors and windows when you are away from that part of the house, particularly anything which can be observed from the road.

Detective Sergeant Fisher says that the burglaries reported so far have been from across the city, including Parklands, Bishopdale, Hornby and Opawa.

The 28 year old male, and 21 and 22 year old females have been charged with burglary and further charges are pending.

Don Fisher asks if anyone else has had property stolen from home, including wallets and cell phones, when doors and windows have been left open, while they are at home, over the last few days, to please contact him at Christchurch Central.