Thursday, 3 September 2009 - 5:21pm |
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Police and Retailers Association sign agreement

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A letter of agreement (LOA) signed by Police and NZ Retailers Association is designed to assist both agencies to reduce crime within the retail environment.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rob Pope and CEO of the NZ Retailers Association, John Albertson signed the agreement at the Association's Annual General Meeting in Auckland this week.

Mr Pope said both organisations shared the goal of reducing crime and increasing community safety.

"This agreement formalises a working relationship that is vital if we are to achieve that goal," Mr Pope says.

“From a retail perspective theft is estimated to cost the retail sector nearly $2m a day in lost sales and we welcome this move which will provide a foundation to improve communication channels between the Police and the retail community," Mr Albertson says.

The LOA provides a framework for the relationship between the parties and sets the guidelines for how they will work together, make contact, share information and clarifies roles when assistance is requested or offences reported to Police.

"We believe this MOU will establish and promote a collaborative working relationship between the parties that will see the development of joint initiatives and a strategic direction for the work of reducing crime in the retail sector," Mr Pope said.


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