Thursday, 24 September 2009 - 12:53pm |
National News

Move to "Schools of Training" for Police proposed

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A move to establish "Schools of Training" at The Royal New Zealand Police College will help modernise the Police approach to education and training and ultimately lead to safer communities.

Police National Manager; Training, Superintendent Mike Wilson says the establishment of five "schools" within the Police Training Service Centre will help Police produce better outcomes for communities by introducing contemporary teaching and learning systems. This will help frontline officers work more effectively within their communities to solve problems.

The proposed new structure will consist of; The School of Leadership, School of Investigations and Case Resolution, School of Community Policing, School of Patrol and Incident Policing and School of Initial Training.

"This approach aligns the delivery of training to the roles and services currently used within NZ Police. It will also help improve the way we train Police Employees to ensure we meet the public's services expectations.

Supt Wilson says the 'Schools' structure has been proposed because it is a recognised way of grouping teaching and vocational staff together on the basis of common disciplines. It is an approach that is widely used in New Zealand and overseas in both academic and service training institutions.

He says the Police are in the process of consulting internally and externally on the proposed changes. It is likely that implementation of the schools project will follow completion of the consultation. The "schools" structure should be in place next calendar year.

"Ultimately our goal is to be a world leader in Policing education", Supt Wilson says.

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