Wednesday, 5 October 2005 - 10:01am |
National News

Operation Lucy - Significant sightings motivate murder investigation

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Police say that for the second time in two days, there has been a further significant development in the publicised search for sightings of a key vehicle of interest to their inquiries into the murder of Birgit Brauer.

Detective Senior Sergeant Grant Coward, the man heading Operation Lucy, says Police now have firm sightings of this vehicle, in two new locations.

"The two recent sightings have been in the tiny coastal settlements of Scott's Ferry, and Tangimoana, both in the Rangitïkei region."

"The sightings certainly match the description of the vehicle, a vital factor to this investigation."

"The sightings were reported to police by local residents in the two localities, and have established that the Toyota Hilux was seen in the Scott's Ferry settlement at about 1.00pm on Friday 23 September 2005. Scott's Ferry is 20 kilometres west of Bulls."

"The next morning Saturday the 24 September 2005, the same vehicle was reported and seen travelling in the Tangimoana locality at 8.30am. Tangimoana is 22 kilometres southwest of Bulls."

"There will have been a large number of locals on the move for various reasons at these times in both these locations. Among them will be white baiters, fishermen, forestry workers, and others either travelling to work, or for other specific reasons."

"Some of these people in this area will have possibly seen this vehicle that is of current interest to Police."

"It's a Toyota Hilux, two door, mid to late 80's, four wheel drive. If anyone in this area has seen this vehicle on or about the 23 or 24 September 2005, police certainly want to know," Mr Coward said.

"Police from Wanganui, and the Horowhenua will now go to both these settlements today to carry out extensive area inquiries with a view to obtaining additional information from residents, he said.

Yesterday an investigation team were in the rural area in South Taranaki where an extensive areas canvas was also carried out. The large team of investigators also includes police from Taranaki and Manawatu.