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Canterbury Police Runners supporting Special Olympics

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Canterbury Police Runners supporting Special Olympics

Monday 23 November
12-12.30 noon

A number of police officers will be running with Special Olympics athletes and the Torch from Central to the Square where they will be greeted by the deputy Mayor, Norm Withers.

They will leave from in front of Christchurch Central police station around 1210 hrs for the Square. The route will be Hereford St, left onto Oxford Terrance and then right into Worcester St and into the Square.

All the competitors are physically able so they shall be running on the footpaths. There will be Police runners and 4 police cycles supporting them.

Police are supporting Special Olympic runners across New Zealand on Monday 23 November in the lead up to the Special Olympics being held in Palmerston North on December 2-5 2009. For the first time NZ Police are getting involved with a Law Enforcement Torch Run at various locations across the country to raise awareness of the event.