Thursday, 27 October 2005 - 3:01pm |

Prolific burglar in north east suburbs

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Police are warning residents about a prolific burglar believed to be operating in the north east suburbs of Christchurch

Detective Inspector Malcolm Johnston says that there have been 9 burglaries reported in two days in the Burwood, Travis Country and Parklands suburbs which is way beyond normal figures.

"This tells me that there is a person operating in this area doing day time residential burglaries," he says. "Police need public help to apprehend this person as soon as possible."

A resident of Amoka Crescent saw a person acting suspiciously at an address which was subsequently broken in to.

This person is described as a male caucasian, 30 -40 years old, `hard' looking, with no teeth.

He was wearing a new white baseball cap, a t shirt, and 3/4 length shorts.

"This description is quite distinctive," says Malcolm Johnston. "Someone out there must know who he is and what he is doing."

Residents are warned to be vigilant and on high alert as it is quite likely he will strike again."

Police appeal for anyone who recognises the description or sees anyone acting suspiciously to contact them immediately.

"Please be on the look out," urges Detective Inspector Johnston.